God is Good!

Regardless of the social and political climate we see today, God is still good. Over the past few decades, God has raised up some Christian institutions of higher learning, which He has used to thrust out laborers into His harvest. A resurgence in church planting is taking place in fundamental Baptist churches and a “back-to-basics” attention to missions is being taught. Personally, this encourages me.

In recent years, a “striving together” spirit is also being fostered between good, godly Christian men and churches. I am not speaking of ecumenism but rather the understanding that I can be an independent Baptist without having to be independent of others and the help they can offer. Conferences, Idea Days, and even the simple coffee meetings have yielded, what I believe to be, a teamwork atmosphere between ministries. Again, I say to you, God is good!

We at Desert Baptist Bible College and Desert Gateway Baptist Church are just a small example of God’s goodness to a ministry. For the last 16 years, we have strived for the Gospel along with those who need our help in regards to Bible college training. God has blessed us with great students and even greater graduates, men and women serving the Lord in their respective areas of ministry. At DBBC, we’ve never been about student count but graduates. We want to be used of God to equip Christians for their ministries and to “bloom where they are planted.” Local churches need more blooming Christians!

So what about it, Christian? Will you “bloom where you’re planted?” Will you allow the Lord to increase your understanding of the Scriptures? Will you allow Him, through the ministry of a Bible college to further equip you for your Christian labor? If God can use Desert Baptist Bible College to help you, then click on the “admissions” button above. Otherwise, pray that God will use us to come alongside pastors and their churches to help train Christians for deeper and more productive ministry. Either way we can and should always say, God is good.