About Us

Our Purpose

Desert Baptist Bible College is a ministry of Desert Gateway Baptist Church in Gilbert, Arizona. What we believe God can and wants to do is far greater than we can even imagine.

    • Promote the priority of walking with God, sharing the Gospel, and serving people.
    • Provide biblical and practical ministry lessons and experiences for each student through a local church.
    • Prepare students to effectively serve in a local church.
    • Partner with pastors and churches by equipping their members with the biblical tools they need to serve Christ in the 21st century.

Our Product

Since Desert Baptist Bible College opened its doors in 1999, we have been privileged, by God’s grace, to help thrust laborers into God’s harvest fields! Church planters, pastors, full-time Christian workers, and productive church members have been used of God in various communities.

Furthermore, because of the low cost of tuition, every student graduates from DBBC without any student-related debt. This provides them the liberty to serve anywhere without burdening another ministry with their financial obligations.

Our Promise

To the Pastor We recognize the investment every pastor has in the lives of their church family. When one of your members attends DBBC, we count it an honor and a great responsibility. We desire to be good stewards of the same lives you have invested in. Therefore, we promise to encourage your students to stay connected to you and your local church, to seek you as their primary counsel, and to wholeheartedly serve in your local church, whenever possible.

To the Parent Your role can never be replaced! God still commands every person to honor their father and mother. We do not desire to be a wedge in your relationship but rather we would like to be the instrument used of God to enhance it. Communication is a must and should you have questions or concerns regarding your student, our faculty and administration will always strive to make time for you.

To the Student The coming of Christ is imminent. The harvest is ready. There’s much to be accomplished for the Lord. For this reason, we will do everything that we can, by God’s power, to equip you with the tools to be successful in your Christian life and ministry. Carefully crafted by our faculty, the lessons taught will be valuable both for your personal grounding in the Scriptures and application of truths in the ministry. Moreover, it is not our desire to delay your deployment into the Lord’s service. Therefore, if your intentions are to gain a degree, our administrators will personally map out your courses to get you going into the battle!

To the Church We at Desert Baptist Bible College believe in the local, New Testament, visible church. We do not teach the universal church principle in our classes as doctrinal truth. However, we believe that God uses other churches to make an impact in their respective community, thus you are not our enemies or our competition. We view you as our co-laborers in Christ because not every knee has bowed to Baal! The training we provide at DBBC will only serve to help your ministry. Whether you attend or audit one class (on campus or online), or are working on going all four years, you can never go wrong learning more about the Lord, His Word, and His work – all of which we provide at Desert Baptist Bible College.